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Workshop and Presentation on Behavior

NESEA's Building Energy 15

Project Description


Beyond Technical Measures: Using behavioral approaches and tools to design energy efficiency programs that get higher participation, greater impact, and deeper savings. In December of 2013, ACEEE published the Field Guide to Utility-run Behavior Programs based on an analysis of 238 programs. The lead author of this reference, Dr. Susan Mazur-Stommen, will show you how to get the most out of 'stacking' different program approaches for greater effectiveness. This workshop will lead you through the variety of programs run under the label 'behavior-based energy efficiency' since 2008. We'll look at how programs can be grouped into categories for keener analysis, and discuss how they depend on ‘drivers’ or insights from the social and behavioral sciences (including feedback, incentives and social norms). In addition, this workshop will also provide guidance in how to use logic models in designing programs - aligning measures, outcomes, and assessment to boost efficacy.

PRESENTATION x 90 minutes

Recent research in behavior: filling the gap unaddressed by technical measures to boost energy performance in buildings.Why do we need to pay attention to behavior in buildings? You can design a building to the highest energy efficiency codes and specifications, but once it's occupied, what happens to affect the baseline? People who have done deep retrofits and ZNEB projects can find these efforts undermined if occupant behavior is not addressed. Occupant engagement should ideally address several stakeholder groups, including landlords, facilities management, lessors, and tenant employees. Each of these falls under the label of 'engagement' but requires a different approach. This presentation will serve as an introduction across several sectors -- examples from commercial, multi-family residential and single family residential - and will discuss both energy-related and non-energy benefits.

Project Details

Date: March 2-4, 2015
Client: NESEA
Locations: Boston, MA