IEA Annex 80: Resilient Cooling of Buildings

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Project Description

U.S. Department of Energy Technologies Office funded project supporting LBNL participation in IEA Annex 80: Resilient Cooling of Buildings. This study developed cooling resilience guidance based on community outreach and analysis of adaptation strategies available and amenable to DACs The product of the collective research program is comprehensive guidance for cities and communities, which included (1) approaches for engaging communities in developing a range of heat resiliency strategies; (2) approaches to prioritizing such strategies; and (3) strategies to encourage community adoption and use of in-home cooling techniques for maximum resiliency.

Fieldwork was undertaken in Atlanta and Boston in Summer 2022. Project wrapped March 2024.

Project Details

Date: 2018-2024
Client: Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Location: Boston, MA and Atlanta, GA
Link (download): BTO_Webinar_Levinson_Cooling America_2024-03-27_v015_final.pdf (27.4MB pdf)