Indicia Consulting
Best Practices in K-12 Energy Management

(in collaboration with Houston Advanced Research Center and seed funding from Bosch and Siemens)

Project Description

The intent is to conduct a study of high performing K-12 school district energy management programs using primarily qualitative methods. Interviews will be held with key stakeholders in a selection of school districts with innovative and successful energy projects and practices. In addition, a short online survey will be promoted to a broad range of school districts across the country, which will provide a nation-wide picture of school energy management programs, as well as allow for an assessment of energy management program effectiveness. The goal will be to establish a set of ten best practices which school districts might adopt depending upon their location, and available resources.

HARC and Indicia Consulting are partnering in issuing the survey, conducting the data analysis, and co-producing a variety of energy management program reports, including a school district scorecard.

We are actively seeking site/funding partners for this important research project, so contact us for an in-depth prospectus today!

Date: Upcoming
Client: Bosch, Siemens, and others