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Tamagotchi Building Project

Environmental Cues in Context

Project Description

Like the digital pets the project is named for, the Tamagotchi Project looks at aspects of the building system (lighting, HVAC, audio-visual) to deliver environmental cues (colors, temperature changes, sounds, even scents) anthropomorphizing the building. The hypothesis of the Tamagotchi Project is that a feeling of nurturance may be induced, resulting in a desire to 'feed' the building through appropriate energy usage. People can come to 'love' their buildings the same way they 'love' homes, cars, and phones.

The goal of this research is to record and measure how tenants in commercial buildings respond to deliberately introduced changes in the cues embedded within their environmental context; and then with that data examine what the implications are for creating positive habits for energy management in LEED buildings.

Project Details

Client: The Alliance to Save Colorado
Location: Originally planned for a property in downtown Denver, the project stalled for lack of funding. We would still be interested in conducting this research with the right partner, contact us for an in-depth prospectus!