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Saving Energy with Neighborly Behavior

Energy Efficiency for Multifamily Renters and Homebuyers w. Kate Farley

Project Description

We conducted two surveys of providers of (primarily) low-income multi-family housing across the country. Our questions were concerned with those providers who had sought to change behaviors around energy and sustainability on their premises, and if so what strategies had they used? What were the goals of the program, and what behaviors had been targeted? We found that the most popular behaviors were the simplest, like turning off lights, TVs, and other appliances when not in use. Using energy-efficient lightbulbs like LEDs or CFLs was a popular behavior to target, too. There was a scattering of other types of behaviors that various programs addressed, like purchasing energy-efficient appliances, using public transit, and weather stripping doors and windows. One possible future direction for research might be to investigate the changes in participation and overall energy consumption depending on which specific behaviors the program targets. EMAIL US FOR A COPY OF THE WEBINAR SLIDES!

Project Details

Date: April 2014
Client: ACEEE, as Director of Behavior and Human Dimensions Program
Locations: Baltimore, MD