Indicia Consulting
2016 Lighting Industry Stakeholder Report

IQ Energy LLC

Project Description

The 2016 Lighting Industry Stakeholder Report is based upon a combination of survey data, interview data, and an extensive review of lighting literature. IQ Energy researchers spoke with the people who purchase and implement lighting daily, including developers, designers, consultants, and energy managers. We reached out to three main groups in the corporate and commercial real estate space: owners and asset managers, facilities managers, and managers of government portfolios of buildings. The report enables organizations to assess where their customers are in 2016, and where they are going in the near future. The 2016 Lighting Industry Stakeholder Report is especially relevant for manufacturers, resellers, contractors, and others interested in moving the needle on LED installations and investment.

Project Details

Date: March 2016
Client: IQ Energy LLC
Download: 2016-survey-of-lighting-industry-stakeholders.pdf