Indicia Consulting
Behavior-based Energy Efficiency
in Buildings Around the Globe

World Resources Institute

Project Description

Contributed a chapter on Building Behavior-based energy efficiency for an upcoming publication from the World Resources Institute. Driving Transformation is a WRI guide to implementing building efficiency strategies in a global context. The goal is to produce a roadmap of strategies that owners and occupants of buildings can use on their own. The further goal is to produce a set of recommendations that avoid being 'culture-bound' and have the broadest applicability irrespective of technology capacities.

Accompanying the chapter, we wrote a blog post for the World Resources Institute blog, The CityFix. Titled, "Energy Use in Buildings: What's Culture Got to Do With It," the post looks at several examples from around the world where paying attention to cultural specifics paid off in terms of saving energy and money. We speculate that there is even more to be mined in this manner, and discuss ways to potentially free buildings and building systems settings from what anthropologists call 'culture-bound' expectations.

Project Details

Date: April-October 2015
Client: World Resources Institute
Location: Global